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Now that I’m an adult I get to listen to the crazy stories my kids come home with from school. Even though they are boys and only in grade school, there is usually some sort of scandy-scandy incident that happened over their recess hour and it makes me think about that beloved recess hour… In my day we didn’t have facebook or social networking. We had recess. THAT was where the fun was, ladies and gents. You learned all your gossip and decided who was cool and who wasn’t all in that nice little break in between lunch and the afternoon. Each day was a new adventure. 

What happened to recess? Besides the scandy and gossip, that nice little break to have a little fun and burn off energy before having to sit through the rest of the afternoon was so awesome.


  Well, I want recess back! I do! I will hold my breath for recess to make a comeback to adulthood….via the office!!!!! NOW NOW NOW! I want it, I want it, I want it!



Okay, kidding.. but, wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of adult recess after lunch to recharge before an afternoon of meetings, conference calls and anything else we do to make that paycheck? Or wait, is the “water cooler breaks” where we run into colleagues in the hall or atrium and spend a few minutes making small talk (which is usually related to work in some way) supposed to be our adult version of a miniature type of recess?

Or perhaps the occasional team builder or activity designed to get the moral boosted is supposed to be replacing recess? I’m glad for these things, don’t get me wrong. I really am lucky to have  a job that allows me a flexible schedule and tries to provide moral boosting type of activities throughout the year to keep employees engaged. But, but, but…. I still miss recess.

Maybe I’ll just make my breaks more entertaining, so they are more like a mini-recess from my desk. Like, instead of walking like I normally do down the hall to the bathroom, I’ll pretend it’s a catwalk and STRUT my way to the bathroom. I’ll stop right before the door and strike a pose before I go in. Eh? That would definitely make the trip a little more fun!

ANYWAY, happy hump day. I still haven’t made it to the gym and doubt I will tonight, but I have made up my mind that when I go back I AM starting C25K over. I know I can run for an hour straight, so that’s not the reason. I’m just going to start it over because it gives me something to look forward to in between running. I can count down the time for the breaks and it makes it go by that much faster. I may not start with week 1, or if I do, I may not walk every time it says to walk, but just having that goal to work towards and having the time broken up more will help with my motivation and keep me busy while the clock ticks by. If anyone has any other suggestions, I’d LOVE to hear them!!!! I just need motivation! I love to run, or at least I did, but I’ve been away for so long that I am just not looking forward to it anymore. I need something to kickstart me, instead of jumping back into running for a long boring ass hour with out anything breaking it up to look forward to. SOS! (HELP!)


Oh how I love new topics that don’t just flow into my brain on their own! Out on Freshly Pressed I saw an interesting post by Amanda Rudd.

I decided to answer her questions at the end of the post in regards to what tattoo’s do you have and why, etc…. and my comment ended up bringing me back to a fun (and COULDA BEEN CRAZY) memory of my long-lost youth. Okay, it was actually more like ALMOST 14 years ago (I’m not 30 YET!) but seems like forever ago now.

So, I thought I would make my comment into a post as well. Here ya go! (Oh, and check out Amanda’s post, too. It’s pretty awesome and has some really great pics!!)

I have two tattoo’s. Technically, I’ve been tatted three times, but only have two tattoo’s to show for it. (One was a coverup, can you say, OOPSIE DAISY?!)

First tattoo, very long story that I won’t go into right now, was a chinese symbol meaning love and the name Brandon spelled out below the symbol on my back. (In a quick, super quick disclosure, I did get that when I was dating a Brandon. Ended up marrying the same Brandon…and then divorcing him, too. Hence the oopsie! cover)

Speaking of that cover, I ended up getting a design with different sized stars to coverup the name and thenthey touched up the color in the chinese symbol (I still liked THAT) to match.

Other tattoo is unfortunately, a “tramp stamp”. Someone once told me not to call it that, but you know what? I got it, I own it. I’m not a tramp, but that’s what it’s called and that’s how people know exactly where it is without having to say “its right above my arse and below my lower back.” I digress… I did get it before it was popular and nicknamed the “tramp stamp”, in my defense. It’s my chinese horoscope symbol in the middle and a design on either side that flows off of it. (Sorry, can’t find a pic of that and don’t want to ask my hubbs to take a picture of my bum to upload right away. He’s busy and I’m 99% sure that would aggravate him! HA! But, I will try to get a pic uploaded and inserted at some point soon.)

I do love tattoo’s, but my only suggestion would be to sit on whatever decision you end up with for at least a couple of months before taking the plunge. When I was 16, I tried to get a tattoo with my friend from this guy who, get this, did them out of his double wide trailer for $50 hard cash. I was determined to get a green frog because for some weird reason I loved frogs at that time and green was also my favorite color. THANK GOD I decided to be super rebellious and attended a party the night before where some drunken scoundrel ended up stealing my money, so I had nothing to pay mister “I tattoo from my trailer” with. THANK GOD. Coming back to current day, I don’t really care for frogs (at all!) and my favorite color is pink. My, my, how things could have been sticky with my parents when they saw what I was intending to do that next day. I’m so glad a lot of my plans were foiled!!!! …not to mention what kind of diseases I could have ended up with if the guy didn’t have sterile equipment. And, that was almost 14 years ago! I’m scared for what my kids may just try to plot out in this day and age… Ay yi yi…

Listening to right now: Kwassa Kwassa – Vampire Weekend (Decided I would add this to my posts. Good way to put my mood out there and this song is SO my mood right now!!! Love it. Fun, funky, mellow and ultra hipster-type cool feeling all at the same time.)

Ever had one of those days when just as you’ve dropped your last napkin in the trash somehow you choke on your Diet Dr Pepper and end up spitting it up all over yourself? Of course, you have. We all have. But, that literally is my day today.

It hasn’t been a bad day, per se, it’s just been one of THOSE days. With pop all over my chin and nothing to wipe it off with (unless I were to fish that napkin out of the trash) I decided I could really have just stayed in bed today.

But, then I thought, why? I don’t have anything really to be too upset about. Yeah, I gained 15 lbs. Yeah, I’ve been avoiding the gym. Yeah, it makes me feel crappy when I look in the mirror expecting to see the girl who was there in the beginning of the summer.

OH WELL. Booey hooey. I enjoyed gaining those 15 lbs. Just like I kinda enjoyed sitting there with pop on my face wondering how much of a sprint to the bathroom it would take before anyone saw me with it pop sprayed all over myself.

It actually kinda made me chuckle a little wondering what I looked like. I decided I should try to crack myself up more often. Yeah, I’m in the poops about a few lowly ell bee’s (lb’s) and it could be way worse. Some people don’t even notice and actually tell me that they think I’ve lost weight. HA! That kind of scares me, but you know how people are. Yeah, you know them, too. Thank GOD for those people, actually.

So, thought I would share. Hope it’s a good day for everyone out in blogland today. I’ll end with this: Next time I spill pop all over myself I will just pretend I’m at the beach and that it was actually mist from the ocean. Perhaps I’ll plug in a fan and get the hair in the wind effect going on while I slather the spilled pop into my pores like tanning lotion?
Alright, alright… Kidding. That’s all from me today. I’ll be here all week folks, don’t forget to tip your waitress.

Um, so due to my new love of finding sales and buying things with coupons (link to that blog here!) I have ended up with a stockpile of cereal that I got at a steal. And, not just any cereal, but the good stuff. Cookie Crisp, Life, Trix, Cocoa Puffs, etc…

I forgot just how yummalish cereal can be. Especially when it’s a nice little piece of carb heaven coated in sugar and cinnamon and practically melts in your mouth upon insertion. Yes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I’m talking about you. Oh mah gah…. My kids love it and that’s why I got it, but we have seriously gone through three boxes (Si, TRES!!!!) of it since Friday.

I don’t need math to tell me we are seriously over-eating it, but just for kicks, lets see: each box has 9 servings, 27 total for three boxes. For my little family of 4 to have dominated 27 servings of cereal in four days is crazy ridiculous.

Top of my “TO DO” list when I get home is to make single serving snack bags of la Crunch so the next time one of us gets a sweet tooth we grab a bag filled with one serving, instead of the whole box. I normally have to do this to control myself with snacks, but really didn’t think el Cruncho would get me so riled up. …it’s the little things.

Speaking of, I really need to get back into running. I’m not motivated and looking forward to it like I use to. I know I don’t need to start the C25K all over because the whole point of that program is to get into running long distance and I already know I can do it, but I’m thinking I may start back over just to get the motivation piece going again. Building up to long distance running is a goal to work towards and seems more momentous than just running for an hour waiting for the clock to tick the time away on the treadmill. I need distractions to keep me from just staring down the clock. And, there’s no way I can run outside without any distractions. It sounds so relaxing and fun to take a run out in the open air, but honestly the time just DRAGS for me. Maybe I need to find a nice trail or park or something different from just the route around my town? Too bad all of those places are at least a 20 minute drive away. I hardly feel like running after a full day of driving here and there and getting home from work. Highly doubt I will feel like driving again, just to run. Meh….

Here’s to hoping motivation comes soon.

Yep, I created a new one specifically for the wild child sale-shopper who lives inside me now. I will keep this blog for my healthy-eating and running updates, but here’s the link for any of you interested in sales:

Enjoy your day!!

Man, I am starting to sound like a broken record. Round and round. But, I mean it this time. Today is a brand new day of a brand new week and I’m dedicated! The scale is the still at the heaviest it’s been in years. Notice I said scale is, not I am? 🙂 It’s the little things… But, it’s funny how fast the weight can come on when you do nothing but eat, drink and party. Seriously!

Anyway, I worked really hard to lose 15 lbs and maintain that loss over the past couple of years. I’m not sure what downward spiral I’ve been in over the past several weeks, but it’s going to end. One thing I’ve noticed is that I think my body likes the weight I’m at. It only took a few weeks of fast food and not exercising to put on the 15 lbs I’ve gained, but I’ve continued to my unhealthy diet and not really gotten back into exercise besides that one week and I’ve stayed right at that 15 lb mark. Interesting…

But, while my BODY likes hovering right around 140, I don’t!!!!!!! I’m happy when I’m right around 125 like I have been over the past year or so, but I’d actually like to be 115. One day at a time. As of today I’m focused on just losing the 15 lbs I’ve gained to get back to 125.

I know myself and I’m going to have to transition (again!!!) into being healthy, one step at a time. If I jump into being healthy and exercise all at once (like my addictive behavior is really trying to talk me into doing) I know I will burn myself out too early. SO, this week is the branching back into fruits and veggies and home cooked meals – AND ABSOLUTELY NO FAST FOOD OR TAKE OUT for at least a week. My son’s 7th birthday is the 31st, so he will get to pick where we eat for dinner. That will be my one “bad” meal and then back to NO FAST FOOD for at least two weeks after that.

Hitting the gym will begin either later this week or next Monday, at the latest. I’m motivated and I know I can do it.

On another note, I’m still couponing. I go back and forth between several sites and my own notes from looking at the circulars. There’s only one blog I’ve seen for my local area, so I think I may just start my own couponing blog in addition to this one. …like I really need to add anything new to my plate, right? Well, it could be beneficial. I’m part of a group that gets samples of items to try out and if I like them, I’d love to blog about them. This just isn’t the right forum and I’d also like a place to organize the bits and pieces of information that I take from the blogs and put together for myself. Who knows, maybe someone from my area will find it beneficial? More to come on that. (Update: My couponing/sale shopping blog: COUPONINGMANDA)


Okay, so I’m kinda pissed at myself, but I’m really not going to beat myself up too badly… Hard to pick myself up if I’m too busy pushing myself down, right???

Here’s the jist… I had good intentions, I really did. I got back into the gym for a solid week and a half and dropped a little over 5 of the 15 lbs I have managed to pack on over the summer. Not feeling awesome, but to have lost 1/3 of my excess in a week and a half was pretty ego boosting.

HOWEVER, (there’s always a however…) my brother and his girlfriend had some shtuff going on and ended up coming over for the weekend. We ended up letting loose every night and staying up late and eating whatever, whenever we felt and needless to say, I slid right back out of my “health” routine.

But, I rarely get to see them and it always feels like we try to force a month’s worth of time in a few days, so I’m just glad we had fun and a good weekend was had by all.

THEN, the following week (last week) I had a friend in town from out-of-state. Although we have managed to catch up and talk here and there over good old Facebook over the past couple of years, we have not seen each other in ten years. No big story to share here, but basically I was kinda stressed about that and time crunched with other things going on, so I just did not get back into my health routine at all that week, either.

This week the scale showed that I gained back the 5 lbs that I had just lost and it really spiraled me into the WORST mood. At least I didn’t gain more, BUT still… I did expect it, however it didn’t make the blow any easier to swallow. I didn’t feel like swallowing anything after I weighed myself Monday. I just wanted to puke. But, I’m over that now.

This week I’ve been just focusing on my diet and getting it back on track (AGAIN!). I’m feeling better now and a few pounds lighter (likely from less sodium and healthier eating) but I will take it! I’m planning on going to yoga on Saturday morning. My runs will begin (AGAIN!) either this weekend or Monday, for sure.

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