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Tip!! Low cal drinks/snacks CAN add up!

Posted on: April 8, 2011

As I mention on my twitter earlier, I am in LOVE with low-calorie drink mixes. My favorite right now is Cherry Limeade which is made by a brand found at Walmart, Great Value. It seriously tastes like a glass of pixie stix. So good!

I make jugs of the sugar-free drinks at home and buy the individual packets to make a drink while I’m at work or in the car. But, even 10 calorie treats can add up!

I’ve been tracking what I eat for a couple years now and normally didn’t count the occasional piece of gum, mint or low cal drink. However, when I quit smoking I noticed my intake of these items went dramatically up! Its gotten better now that I’m over the 2 week mark, but I decided to try to do what I could to start slowing down my intake of these items. Sugar free mints, gum & candy are not nearly as bad as smoking, but some studies have linked too much intake of artificial sweeteners to some bad health outcomes, too.

So, by counting each piece of gum, candy or drink and tallying them through a day or two can make a person more aware of just how many calories they are spending on these “treats”. Also, I drink a mix on the way to work, but then make myself drink two glasses of water before making another drink mix. This helps to not only drink more water during the day, but to slow down how much artificial sugar I’m drinking as well. Those drinks are so good I could seriously drink a whole 24 oz glass in 5 minutes.

No joke! Hope the tip helps someone.


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