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Just another (not so) Manic Monday!

Posted on: April 11, 2011


This weekend was pretty darn successful! I was set on trying out my first alcoholic beverage on Friday and then Saturday, but both days didn’t happen because I honestly didn’t even feel like it after I did my C25K runs! (That’s a good thing!) I’m really shocked with myself, but in a good way!

I started the first day of Wk 2 on Saturday. It was great. I ended up running a little longer than the 90 seconds in between the 2 min walk, which shortened the 2 min walk to about 90 secs, so I guess I flipped the times. But, anyhow, I’m pumped to do day 2 tonight! I’m really loving this program!

Yesterday was my “free day”. I’ve decided not to give myself “set” free days, but to allow myself to indulge here and there, as long as it doesn’t turn into a weekly occurrence, where I start to expect it.

Went to visit Jeremy’s great grandpa and then met up with some of my family (including my baby nephew who lives in Indy, that’s him in the pic with me :)) and Jeremy’s mom at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate my dad and Jeremy’s mom’s birthdays (they happen to fall a week apart). Luckily my parents and family love Jeremy’s mom, so she’s technically considered part of my family. 🙂 She’s lucky I love her… Not many people have as great as mother in law’s that I do! She’s a cool, chick, for sure.

Anyhow, I never eat out. Like I’ve said before, I’m a pretty good eater. Weight Watchers has totally helped me to feel like I can indulge here and there, but more importantly, it taught me to enjoy GOOD food and I’m pretty satisfied for the most part with healthy foods. But, I am a sucker for an occasional burger indulgence. And, I DON’T FEEL bad about it. I always get “back on track” healthily but I don’t deny myself some grease from time to time. It’s very unhealthy to have anything as an “off limit”. So, anyway, my occasional indulgence is ALWAYS get a big fat cheeseburger, which I will eat all of, and a plate full o’ fries, which are just so good that it’s not hard to finish them off. However, this time I ended up getting a mushroom jack chicken sandwich, which was a TON better than a burger, and DID NOT FINISH MY FRIES!!!! So, good and good – and then, yes there’s MORE good, then I ordered a tall beer (Select 55!) and drank it (and another one) and felt a little buzzed and DID NOT WANT A CIGARETTE!!! At all! I’m so proud of myself.

Score for a good weekend. Now back on track today!


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