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Ravenous C25K Week 2 and No Lates Accepted!

Posted on: April 12, 2011

Yesterday I totally had a case of the Moooondays, for sure. So busy during the day that I didn’t even leave my desk except to hit the restroom a few times and fill up my H2O glass. I had a ten page research paper due that I SHOULD have set aside some time over the weekend to work on, but we were so busy that it never got prioritized… I knew last night I would have to focus and the only thing I really wanted to squeeze in for some pleasure was my run.

So, I had a plan. Skip the gym and go directly home after getting the kids from school. Get my run in on the treadmill, shower and then pop dinner in the oven and start working on my paper. Most of that went as planned except the working on the paper part because my 10 year old decided to have a meltdown and we spent an hour talking it out. Then dinner was done and I finally got logged on around 8pm. I was so tired that I decided to do everything I could except the paper.

I emailed my teacher to let them know I wasn’t pleased with my draft and instead of turning in work that I was not happy with, I would take late points and turn in a paper that I could spend more time on. Woke up this morning to find a reply that unfortunately late work is not accepted on the last paper anddddd yep, the 10 page paper was the last paper. Fudddddge. So, the 20% of my grade that was the paper is basically gone. Lesson learned. My procrastination finally caught up and its my own fault. Now I’ve vented, nothing I can do except learn from it and get my head on straight for the next class.

Word of the day on my Monday funday extravaganza: Ravenous. I HATE that word, actually, I really do. I hate to use it (especially in describing myself!) but I was RAVENOUS yesterday. Miss effing piggy here. I was just SO hungry! I tried to be healthy and at least eat watermelon and pineapple (freshly cut and NOT canned) but I do understand that calories are calories and I went over yesterday, for sure. Oh-va, totally oh-va my cals for la day. Boo! Buuuuut, at least they were “healthy” calories, right?!? It was either fruit or crackers and I’m glad I chose fruit, but it’s still kinda disappointing…

Then there was my run. Remember me saying it was the only thing I was looking forward to? Well, totes mcgoats, it was muy difficult-ay to get through the 90 seconds of interval running!!! I was shocked because I was so pumped to get home & run and I was def into it, but once I started the workout I was SO ready for the walking segments to take over! Was also strange because on Saturday when I ran Day 1’s schedule I was running LONGER than I was walking and yesterday I was doing EXACTLY what was instructed and NO more…

Maybe I was just extra tired from yesterday being Monday and getting back into the work week grind? Ugh… What a day. Oh well. We’ll see how tonight goes. That’s the one rainbow in that cloud of a craptastic day: Tonight marks the final day on week 2!!! Please, please, puhhhlease let it be a good night. Wait, let it be a good day at work, followed by a good night with the kids and an extremely awesome run.

Happy not-Monday-anymore day, aka Tuesday. Here’s to hump day being a day closer! Do the humpty dance, ah, do the humpty dance!

PS Also, from now on I’m going to reference each “week” on C25K as a “phase” instead. I always work out more than 3 days in a “physical” week – so why not move into the next phase if I’m ready before the next “physical” week?? So, AS LONG as I can successfully complete the run in each workout, I will continue to move on to each phase as they come up. This means tomorrow I should be starting week phase 3! 🙂


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