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Posted on: April 20, 2011

BOO!!!!! Yes, you read this right. Up to bat was miss Running Manda, but no… Nope, she’s out for the count this round. I was talking about hurting my ankle in my last post and I thought I gave myself enough time off to heal because it wasn’t really hurt THAT bad.

I was wrong. Of course, I didn’t realize that until halfway through Day 1 of Phase 4 of la C25K. The good news is that I got through the first round of 3 minute and then 5 minute runs! Yippee! SO, I know I can DO IT! The bad news is that my ankle hurt so bad when I began the second round of the 3 minute interval that I had to stop and slow down to even a medium WALKING pace… And it still hurt.

That was Monday. I thought I would immediately stop walking, go home, wrap the ankle, let it rest and hopefully would feel better Tuesday. Not so. Hurt even worse and my upper shin/knee area on my opposite leg hurts some. Pretty sure it’s due to my form. I’ve always thought I walked or ran differently than I’m supposed to because the tread on my shoes always wears off in odd spots.

Long story short, I’m on a break now. Boo Boo BOOOBY Doo. But, I know it’s important to rest. I called the Sports Clinic and their first opening was for NEXT Wednesday. SO, I’m at least taking a break until then, even if my ankle starts feeling better. I  may walk, but no running until I can get in and have a doctor take a look at me.

On another note, I’ve long been a Weight Watcher. I haven’t subscribed to them or gone to meetings, I’ve just used prior knowledge of how to calculate points and tracked my food to maintain my weight. I was positive that I would just disregard the new PointsPlus system because I loved my original Points and was use to them. However, with the new packaging and thought process behind the PointsPlus (a 100 calorie apple SHOULD be treated differently than a 100 calorie candy bar, TRUE!) I’ve decided to enroll back into the program and am now an online member.

I always get so excited with new programs, so of course, I’m STOKED! I really am passionate about WW’s. It makes me mad when people blow off the program as being a fad or diet. I’ve been on every diet and done every fad there is to do. Weight Watcher’s does not fall into either category. It really is a lifestyle. I don’t have any restrictions or routines. THe only thing I do is track what I eat, because I WANT to, and try to stay within a particular range for my day. If I go over, the entire day or week or month is not ruined. It happens. As does life.

Okay, off my soapbox. Have a great hump day. If you’re heading out for a run today, please run a little extra for me. 😦 I can’t wait to get back into it! Hurry Wednesday, please!

Blog later!


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