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Rain Delay, big buffet and C25K! Aka Easter Wkend 2011

Posted on: April 25, 2011


Well, yesterday was amazing. Had a great time with the family at the ballpark for our first game of this season. Jeremy’s boss has awesome season tickets. We were 5 rows away from the field, specifically by First base. The tix are called Dugout Box seasts, I guess? I’m clueless. All I know is they were the best seats I’ve ever had to any game, including amateur leagues, and we had a great time.

We were determined to be healthy and save $ this trip since it wasn’t planned and the tix were free. Usually when we plan a trip to STL we’ll go all out & go for an extended wkend w/ a hotel and check out other places like the City Museum, Arch, Zoo, Union Station, etc… However, the tix were given to us last minute and were GIVEN so we thought we’d take advantage of a cheap day trip and head down and back, same day.

We packed a cooler of drinks and waters (packed some drink mixes for even more variety other than pop & plain water) made some sandwiches for lunch & brought a bunch of different portion-ziploc snacks to choose from. 3 diff types of pretzels, crackers, granola bars, etc… I was SO proud! There was enough variety to satisfy everyone for the trip down, during the game and even extra for the ride home.

The kids were so good. This was our first event doing something like this. Usually we do the food/drinks on the way through either a fast food, restaurant, vendor at the event or gas station. We spoil ourselves. But, being extra healthy recently made me look at this venture differently! The kids were so good about not complaining about the missing nacho trays, overpriced sandwiches/drinks or anything they were used to getting that we splurged a lil on the way home and went to a buffet. So, I splurged a little, too. Oh well, I had not used any of my extra WW Points for the week, so I indulged some myself. I’m over it. Not even mad at myself because I’m back on track today. 🙂

Speaking of which, I’m actually really glad I got hurt. Everything does happen for a reason!!! I decided to ice my foot after getting home last night from walking all day and it was a LOT better after that and some advil! Even this morning it felt so much better that I decided that I should just start over on C25K to slowly work the running back in along with my injury slowly healing. AND I got the idea to see if my kids wanted to join – its easy enough to do, they are healthy and active and it would only help them be better athletes and we can bond a little doing it together.

They did want to join! So, after they were done going through the eggs and getting their Easter presents (at the crack of dawn of course) we all went outdoors and did Day 1 of C25K together.

My ankle held up just fine, feels great compared to how its felt the past several days and the boys and I really enjoyed the running/walking and chit chatting.

I am in love with this weekend. What a great outcome and wonderful way to enjoy every bit of this wkend. Hubbs is grilling out and we’re decorating Easter eggs. Can I just hit the pause, or slow motion button to make this moment last longer?

Happy Easter!


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