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Listening to right now: Kwassa Kwassa – Vampire Weekend (Decided I would add this to my posts. Good way to put my mood out there and this song is SO my mood right now!!! Love it. Fun, funky, mellow and ultra hipster-type cool feeling all at the same time.)

Ever had one of those days when just as you’ve dropped your last napkin in the trash somehow you choke on your Diet Dr Pepper and end up spitting it up all over yourself? Of course, you have. We all have. But, that literally is my day today.

It hasn’t been a bad day, per se, it’s just been one of THOSE days. With pop all over my chin and nothing to wipe it off with (unless I were to fish that napkin out of the trash) I decided I could really have just stayed in bed today.

But, then I thought, why? I don’t have anything really to be too upset about. Yeah, I gained 15 lbs. Yeah, I’ve been avoiding the gym. Yeah, it makes me feel crappy when I look in the mirror expecting to see the girl who was there in the beginning of the summer.

OH WELL. Booey hooey. I enjoyed gaining those 15 lbs. Just like I kinda enjoyed sitting there with pop on my face wondering how much of a sprint to the bathroom it would take before anyone saw me with it pop sprayed all over myself.

It actually kinda made me chuckle a little wondering what I looked like. I decided I should try to crack myself up more often. Yeah, I’m in the poops about a few lowly ell bee’s (lb’s) and it could be way worse. Some people don’t even notice and actually tell me that they think I’ve lost weight. HA! That kind of scares me, but you know how people are. Yeah, you know them, too. Thank GOD for those people, actually.

So, thought I would share. Hope it’s a good day for everyone out in blogland today. I’ll end with this: Next time I spill pop all over myself I will just pretend I’m at the beach and that it was actually mist from the ocean. Perhaps I’ll plug in a fan and get the hair in the wind effect going on while I slather the spilled pop into my pores like tanning lotion?
Alright, alright… Kidding. That’s all from me today. I’ll be here all week folks, don’t forget to tip your waitress.


So, as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been inspired to nix the excessive grocery shopping I’ve habitually indulged in over the past several years. I have a family of 4 and easily spend use to spend about $250 a week on my wkend grocery/pantry refill/restock trip. Some weeks were closer to $300, some around $175, but NEVER under $150. I thought myself a “bargain shopper” and just never understood how quickly our weekly “must have” added up so quickly.

A friend of mine started posting pics on fbook with receipts showing “low price checkout, yet lotsa stuff in the cart” trips to the store. I happened to see the Extreme Couponing show and decided that if my friend and others can do, so can I! Why throw my money away if I don’t have to? So… after asking my friend a TON of questions and doing some research, I clipped my coupons and scanned the local sales.

Here is my first trial run at getting fill in items and having made it through the week on UNDER $150 and actually ending up with stuff for the next couple wks, too (hello, stockpile!). Drum roll please:

For just $125 I got:

1 – $20 giftcard to Target
10 – WW Smart Ones lunch meals
1 – Healthy Choice lunch meal
1 – Marie Callendar lunch meal
2 – Frozen pizza’s
2 – 10pkg drink boxes (kids lunches)
1 – Cantaloupe
1 – 4pkg chs sticks snacks
1 – 8pkgs cracker sandwich snacks
3 – 10pkg Granola Bars
2 – 4pkg pudding snacks
1 – 1 lb sliced ham
2 – 8oz pkgs Mozzerella chs
2 – loaves HL Bread (my MUST have low cal bread)
8 – Toilet paper rolls
8 – Paper towel Select A Sheet rolls (another must have)
1 – 300 pkg sandwich bags
3 – 24pks Pepsi Maxx
1 – 24pk Diet Mt Dew
2 – 2liter Pepsi Maxx
2 – 2liter Diet Mt Dew
2 – 750 ml bottles Tequila
2 – gallons water
2 – bags Sunchips
4 – cans green beans
2 – cans carrots
2 – cans sweet peas
2 – cans corn
1 – 50 count Potty Pads (training a puppy!)
1 – 3pk Gum

Whatcha think?? Not shabby!

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