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Listening to: Gay Human Bones by Harlem (LOVE this track, link will take you to the youtube video – Check it!)

Now that I’m an adult I get to listen to the crazy stories my kids come home with from school. Even though they are boys and only in grade school, there is usually some sort of scandy-scandy incident that happened over their recess hour and it makes me think about that beloved recess hour… In my day we didn’t have facebook or social networking. We had recess. THAT was where the fun was, ladies and gents. You learned all your gossip and decided who was cool and who wasn’t all in that nice little break in between lunch and the afternoon. Each day was a new adventure. 

What happened to recess? Besides the scandy and gossip, that nice little break to have a little fun and burn off energy before having to sit through the rest of the afternoon was so awesome.


  Well, I want recess back! I do! I will hold my breath for recess to make a comeback to adulthood….via the office!!!!! NOW NOW NOW! I want it, I want it, I want it!



Okay, kidding.. but, wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of adult recess after lunch to recharge before an afternoon of meetings, conference calls and anything else we do to make that paycheck? Or wait, is the “water cooler breaks” where we run into colleagues in the hall or atrium and spend a few minutes making small talk (which is usually related to work in some way) supposed to be our adult version of a miniature type of recess?

Or perhaps the occasional team builder or activity designed to get the moral boosted is supposed to be replacing recess? I’m glad for these things, don’t get me wrong. I really am lucky to have  a job that allows me a flexible schedule and tries to provide moral boosting type of activities throughout the year to keep employees engaged. But, but, but…. I still miss recess.

Maybe I’ll just make my breaks more entertaining, so they are more like a mini-recess from my desk. Like, instead of walking like I normally do down the hall to the bathroom, I’ll pretend it’s a catwalk and STRUT my way to the bathroom. I’ll stop right before the door and strike a pose before I go in. Eh? That would definitely make the trip a little more fun!

ANYWAY, happy hump day. I still haven’t made it to the gym and doubt I will tonight, but I have made up my mind that when I go back I AM starting C25K over. I know I can run for an hour straight, so that’s not the reason. I’m just going to start it over because it gives me something to look forward to in between running. I can count down the time for the breaks and it makes it go by that much faster. I may not start with week 1, or if I do, I may not walk every time it says to walk, but just having that goal to work towards and having the time broken up more will help with my motivation and keep me busy while the clock ticks by. If anyone has any other suggestions, I’d LOVE to hear them!!!! I just need motivation! I love to run, or at least I did, but I’ve been away for so long that I am just not looking forward to it anymore. I need something to kickstart me, instead of jumping back into running for a long boring ass hour with out anything breaking it up to look forward to. SOS! (HELP!)


This week is really my week! I’m feeling great from eating better and getting my runs back in. (Yes, I ran last night! Leg still hurt after about 10 minutes of running, so I alternated running/walking and altogether ran 35 minutes and walked 10 – not shabbs!)

Anyhow, my head is clear, I’m feeling great and have been able to spend time with the kids, get my work done, send in quality papers on homework nights AND clip my coupons/read the sale circulars. I have not been able to do all of those things regularly, or with quality, in forever. Feels great!
To top that little cupcake with a cherry, I was cleaning my email which is set up specifically for my couponing emails andddddd…. ran across this new efficient tool:

For any of you who coupon shop, or compare prices (or are interested in doing so!) will know that it can be difficult to go through multiple different store inserts or scan blogs for information on sales that are currently going on. Especially when some stores have sales from Mon-Sat and others are more like Thur-Wed. That can get confusing!!!! Well…. I have yet to really use it for my weekly shopping, but have played around with it since I discovered it and it looks amazing!!!! It has the sales listed for 7 of the stores that I normally spend time looking through ads – only all in one spot! Here’s a link to the short video that explains, if anyone is interested:

And, NO, I was not paid to advertise that, nor given any incentive to do so! I just love saving money and want to help others to do the same! I wish I had discovered coupons and how using those against sale prices could really save a TON of money! And, YES, I am still running and will continue to blog about that, but this blog is really all about ME! If I find a good site or something fun I will post it as well as updates with not only running, but things that are going on in my life.

PS If anyone out there has Sirius/XM – give the indie channel (35) XM U a shot. I have fallen in love with so many songs that I had no idea existed!! I love listening to Cosmo Radio’s “Wake Up with Taylor” in the mornings, but find myself switching over every commercial break and as soon as the show is over. This type of music speaks to me. I love all different genre’s and have so many different faves that range from rock to rap to grunge to southern rock – but this indie stuff is ME. Give it a listen!

PSS If you don’t have Sirius/XM but want to try out some new tunes and see what the heck I’m talking about, see if you can find any of the following:
Coming Down – Dum Dum Girls
The Suburbs – Mr Little Jeans (Also by Arcade Fire, but I really love this cover)
Vomit – Girls
It’s Real – Real Estate
Gay Human Bones – Harlem
Hurdy Gurdy Man – Butthole Surfers
Here Comes Your Man – Pixies
Stinking Cloud – Thee Oh Sees
Keep You – Class Actress
Mr Driver – Black Lips

Happy Hump Day. Til later, ta ta for now.

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