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Hello, my name is Amanda and I’m a shop-aholic… and PROUD!

Posted on: May 8, 2011

I could scream because I am so pumped from my wheeling and dealing this week. After trying out small shopping trips through the week and feeling comfortable with using manufacturer and store coupons in conjunction with sale prices and “reward” incentives, I am still a novice, but felt prepared for my regular weekend shopping trip today. I printed and snipped coupons from various webpages and links, snipped coupons from multiple magazines and newspaper ads and scanned grocery circulars and websites which post good deals.

The result was not quite extreme couponing as I did not get thousands of dollars of items for under $10, however, I think I did amazing, especially for my first big fill in trip. I spent around $150 between different stores and got enough of most items to last over a month! It was seriously like the best high ever. The best transaction of the bunch was when I went to Kroger and saw the bill reach a little over $28. After scanning my savers card and coupons the total bill was $2.56. $2.56!!!!!!!

So, the total spent today was $140.95. Here’s what I got:

3 – Pepsi Maxx 2liters
1 – Diet Sierra Mist 2liter
1 – Gallon Skim Milk
2 – Diet Mt Dew 24pks
1 – Gallon Water
1 – Colgate MaxFresh Toothpaste
7 – rolls Scott Toilet Paper
7 – rolls Scott Paper Towels
2 – bags SunChips
2 – 12/pkg eggs
10 – pkgs Ronzoni pasta (6 spaghetti, 4 linguine)
2 – 16/pkg Kraft 2% milk chs slices
33 – Prairie Farms assorted yogurts
20 – Weight Watcher frozen meals
5 – Healthy Choice frozen meals
12 – Hungry Man frozen meals
10 – 10/pkg Quaker Granola bars
2 – 4pk Chs Sticks snacks
2 – 4pk Pudding cups
2 – 8pk Chs cracker snacks
1 – 1lb Ham slices
1 – Grape Jelly
1 – Folgers coffee
2 – Moist & Meaty Purina dog food
2 – Cans Spaghetti sauce
8 – Old Spice body wash (Full size)
2 – Healthy Choice loaves bread
2 – Great Value loaves bread
1 – Great Value Jumbo hamburger buns
1 – $5 Target gift card for next purchase
1 – $2.77 CVS “gift card” for next purchase

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I WILL NEVER AGAIN, EVER, SPEND$300 on a weekly grocery trip …unless I’m stocking up on enough things to last months! I can’t believe I use to spend $300 easily on things that lasted ONE WEEK! ONE WEEK!


2 Responses to "Hello, my name is Amanda and I’m a shop-aholic… and PROUD!"

Are you still running C25K? Or just bargain shopping. My wife and I are starting Week 6 tonight. Hope you are staying ahead of us. Talk to you later.


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