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My first week as a “Sale Shopping Coupon Lady”!

Posted on: May 6, 2011

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been inspired to nix the excessive grocery shopping I’ve habitually indulged in over the past several years. I have a family of 4 and easily spend use to spend about $250 a week on my wkend grocery/pantry refill/restock trip. Some weeks were closer to $300, some around $175, but NEVER under $150. I thought myself a “bargain shopper” and just never understood how quickly our weekly “must have” added up so quickly.

A friend of mine started posting pics on fbook with receipts showing “low price checkout, yet lotsa stuff in the cart” trips to the store. I happened to see the Extreme Couponing show and decided that if my friend and others can do, so can I! Why throw my money away if I don’t have to? So… after asking my friend a TON of questions and doing some research, I clipped my coupons and scanned the local sales.

Here is my first trial run at getting fill in items and having made it through the week on UNDER $150 and actually ending up with stuff for the next couple wks, too (hello, stockpile!). Drum roll please:

For just $125 I got:

1 – $20 giftcard to Target
10 – WW Smart Ones lunch meals
1 – Healthy Choice lunch meal
1 – Marie Callendar lunch meal
2 – Frozen pizza’s
2 – 10pkg drink boxes (kids lunches)
1 – Cantaloupe
1 – 4pkg chs sticks snacks
1 – 8pkgs cracker sandwich snacks
3 – 10pkg Granola Bars
2 – 4pkg pudding snacks
1 – 1 lb sliced ham
2 – 8oz pkgs Mozzerella chs
2 – loaves HL Bread (my MUST have low cal bread)
8 – Toilet paper rolls
8 – Paper towel Select A Sheet rolls (another must have)
1 – 300 pkg sandwich bags
3 – 24pks Pepsi Maxx
1 – 24pk Diet Mt Dew
2 – 2liter Pepsi Maxx
2 – 2liter Diet Mt Dew
2 – 750 ml bottles Tequila
2 – gallons water
2 – bags Sunchips
4 – cans green beans
2 – cans carrots
2 – cans sweet peas
2 – cans corn
1 – 50 count Potty Pads (training a puppy!)
1 – 3pk Gum

Whatcha think?? Not shabby!


1 Response to "My first week as a “Sale Shopping Coupon Lady”!"

Awesome job Amanda!!! Keep it up 🙂

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