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Um, so due to my new love of finding sales and buying things with coupons (link to that blog here!) I have ended up with a stockpile of cereal that I got at a steal. And, not just any cereal, but the good stuff. Cookie Crisp, Life, Trix, Cocoa Puffs, etc…

I forgot just how yummalish cereal can be. Especially when it’s a nice little piece of carb heaven coated in sugar and cinnamon and practically melts in your mouth upon insertion. Yes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I’m talking about you. Oh mah gah…. My kids love it and that’s why I got it, but we have seriously gone through three boxes (Si, TRES!!!!) of it since Friday.

I don’t need math to tell me we are seriously over-eating it, but just for kicks, lets see: each box has 9 servings, 27 total for three boxes. For my little family of 4 to have dominated 27 servings of cereal in four days is crazy ridiculous.

Top of my “TO DO” list when I get home is to make single serving snack bags of la Crunch so the next time one of us gets a sweet tooth we grab a bag filled with one serving, instead of the whole box. I normally have to do this to control myself with snacks, but really didn’t think el Cruncho would get me so riled up. …it’s the little things.

Speaking of, I really need to get back into running. I’m not motivated and looking forward to it like I use to. I know I don’t need to start the C25K all over because the whole point of that program is to get into running long distance and I already know I can do it, but I’m thinking I may start back over just to get the motivation piece going again. Building up to long distance running is a goal to work towards and seems more momentous than just running for an hour waiting for the clock to tick the time away on the treadmill. I need distractions to keep me from just staring down the clock. And, there’s no way I can run outside without any distractions. It sounds so relaxing and fun to take a run out in the open air, but honestly the time just DRAGS for me. Maybe I need to find a nice trail or park or something different from just the route around my town? Too bad all of those places are at least a 20 minute drive away. I hardly feel like running after a full day of driving here and there and getting home from work. Highly doubt I will feel like driving again, just to run. Meh….

Here’s to hoping motivation comes soon.


I was SO (and still am) totally preterbed after seeing the doc at the Sports Clinic. I called Friday to see if there were any cancellations and they had one! Yay, right?!? I went in at 11:30, got right in, had x-ray’s taken of my left knee and right ankle (before even seeing the doc??) and then met with the doctor.

Honestly, my first impression of the doctor was that he had either a very distinguished facial structure or he had some cosmetic work done. He also appeared to be wearing a wig, but I eventually decided that it must have been hair plugs. It wasn’t quit natural, but not a wig.

Anyhow, I’m not against people who have cosmetic surgeries or anything like that. Just stood out to me. He was probably in his late 60’s/early 70’s and so his appearance just made a mark in my head. Especially once we started interacting his appearance made sense, stereotypically, of course. He seemed nice at first, but it was apparent that he was talking only to hear himself speak. He didn’t listen to what I said, at all, and I really had a bad experience with him because of the following:

1) He did not even check out my foot or knee
2) He barely looked at the x-ray and said he knew what the issue was. He spewed some medical terms at me and didn’t elaborate on what they meant or a treatment plan.
3) He didn’t ask me how long I had been hurt or if it was getting better or worse.
4) I asked what the terms meant and when I should start getting back into walking, running, anything? His answer was that if it didn’t feel better after 3 days to call a trainer (a TRAINER?!?!?!)
5) I mentioned it had been hurt longer than 3 days and seemed to be getting worse even tho I was not running, or even walking. I mentioned I was trying to elevate my foot when possible and that made it feel better, but otherwise it consistently hurt. But, he was turned around messing with paperwork & I received no response.
6) After waiting for his response and not receiving one I followed up with “so, should I take it easy over the next three days or should I start working it again?” His response was to take advil and ice the knee & ankle. No answer to if I should take it easy or not.
7) Realizing he was still not listening and I was getting nowhere I asked him to write down the medical terms he used to describe  what was wrong with my knee and ankle. He wrote them on a business card and after handing me the card he turned and left the room!!!

I didn’t get a form to give the nurse, treatment plan or any further instruction or ANYTHING! In fact, they didn’t even put me in the same room that I was in before getting x-rays! So, my pants & purse were in a completely different room and I was left in the room wearing the sports shorts and holding a business card like “huh?!” I flagged down a nurse who found my jeans & purse in the other room and I changed and left.

Next time I’m hurt I am going to my own doctor. Forget the specialized sports clinics. What a total crock.

Anyway, live and learn, right? On to bigger and better and living the dream regardless of bad experiences along the way. Right now I’m in the car with my hubbs & kids on the way to St Louis! We got dugout box tickets to the Cardinals game today!! So, I will be getting my walking in today, for sure. Fingers crossed I don’t do any further damage! Its been a week today that I still can’t even walk without pain and limping. How frustrating.

I just want to run again. Was really digging the C25K program and my daily runs to look forward to. 😦 Can not wait to be all better and running again. Regardless of how I feel I am getting back in to at least walking again. I’ve tried the “not using it” and doesn’t appear to be getting better, so I’ll just take my advil and slowly get back into it!

Have a great Easter weekend everyone!


So when I finished phase 1 of C25K I found that my sweaty back left a smiley on my shirt and found it prett funny. (Posted a pic and blog entry bc I thought it was funny) So, then yesterday I finished phase 3 and my husband pointed out that this time my back gave me a sweaty heart! Too funny… wonder what my sweaty back will leave me with after I finish the next phase?!? 🙂

Side note: Been a crazy week. Yes, I finished phase 3 yesterday and was totally pumped to start phase 4 today – BUT, I somehow hurt my right ankle and its sore just walking around the house… I don’t want to push it and hurt myself more so am just going to work out with the weight machines and do some walking (no running) when I head to the gym today. Fingers crossed I’m back in the game tomorrow and can start phase 4. 🙂

Double side note: Drank a few beers Friday and DID not want a cigarette at all!!! Yay! 🙂 And, after my 5th beer, I didn’t even feel like another, so I was also able to just drink a few without drinking a whole case. So happy and proud of myself!

Tripe side note: Yesterday the scale weighed in at 126.6!!! FIRST time in over a year that I’ve been under 127. Barely, but still under! I was happy but thought it may be due to drinking a few on Friday (dehydration causing scale to be lower) and a mix of not having worked out. BUT, I did do some working out yesterday and today the scale was STILL below. Actually, it showed 125.6!!! Yay for me! I haven’t seen 125 in at least a couple years. Actually, haven’t seen that since around the time I stopped taking ephedrine pills. I’m a happy chick. 🙂 My goal, in addition to becoming a long distance runner, is to get back to 115-ish while being healthy and toned, NOT from being anorexic or hungry. 🙂 Getting closer!

Hello! My name is Amanda. I am addicted to a good time.

Honestly, I am! I do have an addictive personality. My favorite “past time” is having a few beverages, eating good food and socializing with friends and family. To save this introduction from being a novel, I’ll give a few random tidbits about myself and why I started this blog.

I’m 29, married and have two sons who are 10 and 6.

I’ve gone up and down on the scale (gained 100 lbs when I was pregnant with my first son!!!) but since I found the Weight Watcher lifestyle, I have been (and am currently) an average body shape: 5’4”, 128 lbs.

Smoker/drinker for about 15 years, but quit smoking in Sept 2009.

Became a “social smoker” in early 2010.

I’ve always been a “partier”. With the kids being more independent, it’s easy to get together with other couples and while all of our kids play together, the parents get to have some fun as well. Grilling out, drinking, boating, drinking, having a bonfire, drinking. All of it goes together for me! I don’t consider myself an alcoholic, but I will admit that I have almost always had more of an emphasis on having fun and enjoying life over being healthy or trying to have a fit body.

But, recently I made a change in my life which has really made me re-evaluate some ways I’ve looked at life before: March 20th, 2011, I quit smoking. FOR GOOD! No more social smoking. And, to avoid smoking, I’ve been alcohol free since then, as well. SHOCKING, I KNOW!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to turn all Fancy Nancy and become anti-alcohol or anything. I’m still looking forward to being able to have a few drinks soon. It’s just that right now when I even think about alcohol makes me think about smoking. And, I’m dedicated this time. Although, I will say, when I do start drinking again, I am NOT going to indulge like I have before. Without drinking, the weekends last longer now.  I am able to get up earlier, get GOING earlier, and get more done. I thought I would find more time to finally finish the last two books in a series that I’ve been on, but I’ve been busier than ever! It’s great.

So, without smoking or drinking to concentrate my addictive behavior on, I’ve been focusing it on going to the gym and eating better. I started doing yoga on Saturday mornings. Oh wait, let me re-start that: I started GETTING UP EARLY ENOUGH, without a hangover, to do yoga on Saturday mornings! I’ve been to the gym every day since I quit smoking. I haven’t lost any weight, but my husband says he can tell a difference in looking at me. I do feel better, that’s true. While I may not be overweight or obese, I’m still not “fit”. I want to be toned. NOT MUSCLY – EWWWW! But, I want to be toned. I want to feel not just okay, but FANTASTIC about myself in a swimsuit. I look good in clothes, heck yes, I’ll admit I do, but underneath could definitely use some toning. I want to be long and lean and have been focused on getting into shape. I saw that a friend was doing C25K and posted on facebook that she just completed week 4. Always a sucker for programs and meeting goals, I decided to google it and see what it was about. It’s a running program that gradually gets non-athletes, such as myself, into long distance running.

So, to come full circle to where I’m at now and the reason for the blog: I’ve decided I want to start running. I can’t run for CRAP without having to gasp for air after just a few minutes. And, it would be a FANTASTIC way to tone my thunder thighs and meet my fitness goals. Good ol’ AT&T. Amanda Thunder Thighs. That’s actually what my dad use to call me when I was younger (in a teasing way; he’s a great guy!!!!), but it’s so true now.

So, this is my intro. Yesterday was day one on the C25K and it was great. Didn’t last too long, was very easy to complete and still left me feeling accomplished. I will maintain this blog not only on my C25K journey, but also on my smoke free, better life living and better quality journey, as well. Please comment and let me know what you think! Also, follow me on twitter! My handle is @runningmanda

Thanks for reading!

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